Unit 11 检测题


  ( ) 1、What did you ________ yesterday?

  A. buy B. bought C. buys D. buying

  ( ) 2、She went ________ a drive after work last Friday?

  A. to B . for C. in D. by

  ( ) 3、There _______ lots of popcorn in the kitchen last night.

  A. were B . had C. are D. was

  ( ) 4、Do you have ________ to say about this?

  A. something else B. anything else C. else something D. else anything

  ( )5、Gina hang out with her friends _________ .

  A. last Sunday B. on Sunday C. every Sunday D. next Sunday

  ( ) 6、—Did your parents sleep late on weekends? —________.

  A. Yes, they did. B. No, they don’t. C. Yes, they were. D. No, they weren’t.

  ( ) 7、________ the class, the students left the classroom one by one.

  A. At the end of B. In the end C. By the end D. At the end

  ( ) 8、Did you visit my school ________ there was a big library.

  A. how B. what C. where D. when

  ( ) 9、Which of the following is not the city of the USA?

  A. New York B. Hawaii C. San Francisco D. Chicago

  ( ) 10、—What do you think of sleeping outdoor at night? —________. I like it.

  A. That sounds terrible. B. It’s awful. C. It sounds exciting. D. Good idea.

  ( ) 11、Ted cleaned the room on his day _________.

  A. of B. off C. down D. away

  ( ) 12、This morning she came to school __________ than usual.

  A. late B. later C. latest D. latter

  ( ) 13、What about going _________ with us?

  A. fish B. fishes C. fished D. fishing

  ( ) 14、He ha d to help his parents __________ on the farm on weekends.

  A. work B. working C. works D. worked

  ( ) 15、What __________ the matter with your little dog yesterday evening?

  A. is B. was C. are D. were


  I think the best place to go on Sunday is the zoo. When you are __51__, you can go there with your family. __52__ the zoo, there are many animals: elephants, deer, __53__, rabbits and other animals. Eleph ants are the __54__ animals on land. I __ 55__ there is a baby elephant in our zoo. So I want to __56__at it. Yu Xuan wants to go with me. She says, " __57__we go there together?" "Sure!" I say. "We can __58__ a good time there. But let's __59__ there at half past four. I have __60__ homework to do."

  ( )1. A. busy B. free C. young D. clean

  ( )2. A. In B. On C. For D. Near ( )3. A. monkeys B. monkey C. two monkey D. one monkeys

  ( )4. A. youngest B. smallest C. biggest D. tallest

  ( )5. A. listen B. listen to C. hear of D. hear

  ( )6. A. looks B. have a look C. see D. have a see

  ( )7. A. Can B. Could C. Shall D. Would

  ( )8. A. get B. have C. be D. has

  ( )9. A. goes B. go C. to go D. going

  ( )10. A. few B. little C. much D. many



  I had a summer cam p with my classmates last year. Early in the morning. We gathered at the bus station. After saying goodbye to our parents,we got on the buses. It took us more than two hours to arrive at the campground. We got off the buses cheerfully. Laughing and shouting. We jumped and ran all over the place. It was the first time for us to be away from the parents .Some of u s started to feel homesick(想 家). However, when the night party and dances began, the homesickness was gone. The next day, everybody rushed to the boating class, hoping to be at the head of the others. At firs t ,my friends and I worked hard, but the boat wouldn’t listen to us and kept going round and round. Then the teacher taught us how to work together. After many tries, we did much better. Swimming class was m y favorite. It was about the hottest time of a day and the best time to stay in the cool water. The swimming teacher was a funny ma n, and during the class he often made us laugh happily. During the week I learned a lot of new things and made many new friends. I also learned how to take care of myself.

  ( ) 1. They got to the campground__________ .

  A. on foot B. by bike C. by bus D. by plane

  ( ) 2. The campground was __________ from their homes.

  A. quite near B. not far C. very long D. quite far

  ( ) 3.Why swimming class was the writer’s favorite?

  A. Because it was good to stay in the cool water when the weather was hot.

  B. Because the writer felt quite relaxed during the class.

  C. Because the swimming teacher was interesting.

  D .Because of all the above

  ( )4.Which statement is NOT true?

  A. he children were happy to be away from Dad and Mum.

  B. Their homesickness lasted for long.

  C ..It was teamwork to boat.

  D. They camped for a week.

  ( )5.Which is the best title for the passage?

  A. I Learnt a lot. B. Boating and Swimming.

  C. On the Campground D. My First Summer Camp



  Len was thirty years old, and he had very long hair, He lived in a big city, but one year he did not find any work there, so he went to a small town and began looking for work there. He went to a lot of places, but nobody wanted him. Then he met an old friend, and this man said to him, “People in this town don’t like long hair. Why don’t you go to a barber (理发师) ? He can cut a lot of it off and then you can get some work..” Len went to a barber and said, “Please cut most of my hair off.” The barber began. He cut and cut for a long time and then he said to Len , “Were you in the army a few years ago?” “Yes, I was.” Len answered. “Why did you ask that?” “Because I have found your cap,” the barber answered.

  ( )6. Len was twenty years old.

  ( )7. Len had very long hair.

  ( )8. Nobody wanted Len for work.

  ( )9. Len met an old classmate.

  ( )10. The barber cut off a lot of Len’s hair. 四、词汇运用。

  A) 用括 号内所给单词的适当形式填空。

  win visit play lucky umbrella

  1. Look! Some __________ are taking photos in the zoo.

  2. I was late this morning. __________, the teacher didn’t see me.

  3. Who _________ first prize in the competition?

  4. Yao Ming is my favorite basketball _________.

  5. Don’t forget to take your ________, it’s raining outside.

  B) 根据句意、汉语意思和首字母提示,完成句中所缺单词。

  6. It was my birthday yesterday. My mother gave me a beautiful g________.

  7. Kids like o__________ activities very much.

  8. He likes h__________ out on weekends.

  9. Last weekend, I met a basketball player and got his a___________.

  10. Lily does well in his lesson, so he is our m_________ in our class


  Class 9 11 (have) a great time on the school trip. They 12 (go) to Blue Water Aquarium for the day. First they ___13____(visit) the Visitors’ Center and watched a movie about 14 ( shark).Then they ____15____(watch) a dolphin show. After that, the y went to the Outdoor Pool and __16____(see) a big octopus. After lunch, they went to the Gift Shop and ___17___(buy) lots of gifts. Finally, tired but happy, they ___18__(take ) the bus back to school. At the end of the day, the science teacher __19___(be) very happy because the class monitor ___20__(clean) the bus after the trip.


  1. had a terrible the students school trip. ______________________________________.

  2. see any di d you seals? ______________________________________?

  3. there any were dolphins? ______________________________________?

  4. the bus after Our monitor cleaned the trip. __________________________________.

  5. you didn’t I’m sorry have fun your day on off. _______________________________.


  1. I saw the sharks. (改为一般疑问句)

  _________ _________ see the sharks?

  2. Were there any famous singers at the aquarium?(否定回答)

  No, _________ __________.

  3. He did his homework last night.(改为否定句)

  He ____________ ____________ his homework last night.

  4. The students watched a movie about dolphins at the aquarium. (对划线部分提问)

  _________ __________ the students watch a movie about dolphins?

  5. No one came to the sale because the weather was bad. (对划线部分提问)

  _________ __________ no one come to the sale?


  Kevin: Hi, Tina. 1

  A. No, there weren’t any sharks.

  B. Did you go to the zoo?

  C. I went to the aquarium.

  D. How was your school trip?

  E. What else did you do?

  Tina: It was great.

  Kevin: 2

  Tina: No, I didn’t. 3 Look, here are my


  Kevin: Were there any sharks?

  Tina: 4 but there were some clever seals.

  Kevin: Wow, that sounds wonderful! 5

  Tina: Well, I hung out with my friends and I took lots of photos.

  1. ________ 2. _________ 3. _________ 4. __________ 5. ___________


  写封信给你的朋友,说说你的周末过的怎样。(假定天气不好,60~80词) 请根据要求写一篇日记。   上个休息日(4月24日,星期日),我过得非常有趣。






  一、1-5A B D B A 6-10 A A C B C 11-15 B B D A B

  二、1-5 B A A C D 6-10 B C B B C

  三、1-5 C D D B D 6-10 B A A B A

  四、1. visitors 2. Luckily 3. won 4. player 5. umbrella 6. gift 7. outdoor 8. hanging 9. autograph 10. monitor 11.had 12.went 13. visited, 14.sharks 15.watched, 16.saw, 17.bought, 18.took,19. was, 20.cleaned


  1. The students had a terrible school trip.

  2. Did you see any seals?

  3. Were there any dolphins?

  4. Our monitor cleaned the bus after the trip.

  5. I’m sorry you didn’t hav e fun on your day off.


  1 .Did you 2. there weren’t 3. didn’t do 4. Where did 5. Why did

  七、1-5 DBCAE