Unit 9

  一 单词(20分)

  1.He is tall and he is m________ build.

  2.He is not tall or short .He is medium h__________.

  3.Her hair is not straight, it’s c _________.

  4.Michael Jordan is my f_________ basketball star.

  5.I’m new here nobody k_________ me.

  6.She is a pretty girl w________ blonde hair.

  7.My father often w_________ glasses.

  8.He is not heavy, he is t___________.

  9.Jim is the c_________ of the soccer team.

  10.I have short s____________ black hair.


  ( )1.My English teacher has a new __________.

  A. look B. good-looking

  C. hair D. glasses

  ( ) 2.The woman _________ long hair is our math teacher.

  A. in B. with C. on D. of

  ( )3.Mr Read on the bike _________ a medium build.

  A. have B. has C. are D. is

  ( )4.Mr Brown doesn’t like pop songs , but his daughter _________.

  A. is B. likes C. does D. do

  ( )5.That old man has ________ beard.

  A. a B. an C. the D./

  ( )5.Pete stops _________ and goes to bed.

  A. watching TV B. watch TV

  C. to watch TV D. to read

  ( )6.I often write emails to my pen pals , but ________ writes me back.

  A. everybody B. somebody

  C. anybody D. nobody

  ( )7.My aunt is too _________ ,she wants to be slim.

  A. heavy B. tall

  C. short D. thin

  ( )8.He is medium build , but he looks ________ fat, I think .

  A. a lot of B. a bit of

  C. a little D. a little of

  ( )9.I have __________ to tell you.

  A. important something B. something important

  C. important anything D. anything important

  ( )10.Can you _________ the differences between them?

  A. say B. speak C. talk D. tell

  ( )11Please remember ________the window when you leave..

  A. close B. closing C. to closing D. to close

  ( )12.Jenny ________ her mother, and h er mother _________ very young.

  A. looks ,like ,looks like B. looks like , looks

  C. looks , looks like D. looks , looks

  ( )13.-What does Lee look like? -He’s tall _________ blonde hair.

  A. in B. on C. with D. has

  ( )14.The pretty girl has __________ hair.

  A. long brown B. brown long

  C. a long b rown D. a brown long

  ( )15.What about __________ shopping on Sunday? Good idea!

  A. go B. goes C. to go D. going


  A: Do you know we have a new teacher and two new students this team?

  B: Really? What does the new teacher look ___1______?

  A: He is an old man. He _____2____ no hair.

  B: Is he bald ?

  A: Yes. And he ____3______ glasses.

  B: ____4______ he have a mustache?

  A: No, he ___5_______ a beard. He is not good-looking. But he is very kind.

  B: What ___6_______ your new classmates? What ____7______ they ______8____ like?

  A: They are twins. They look the ___9_______. They ___10_______medium height. They’re not heavy _______11___ thin. They ____12______ curly hair.

  B: What’s the ___13_______ ____14______ their hair?

  A: Well, they ____15______ blonde hair. They are good-looki ng.


  1. Mike has short brown hair.(对画线提问)

  _________ _________ Mike __________ like?

  2. Lily does her homework everyday (否定句)

  Lily _________ _________ her homework every day.

  3 .He doesn’t like staying at home, I think.(合并为一句)

  I ________ think h e __________ staying at home.

  4. The boy is 1.80m tall.(同义句)

  The boy is 1.80m __________ ___________ .

  5. Lucy and Lily look the same .( 同义句)

  Lucy _________ ___________ Lily.


  1.你哥哥长什么样? 他高个子,短发.

  -__________ does your brother _____________ like?

  -He is tall and has short ______________.


  She always _____________ a pair of _______________.


  My T -shirt is a ___________ ___________ large.


  Amy isn’t fat or thin, she is _____________ _ ___________.


  Nobody __________ Peter. He has a new ___________.


  Jim is _________ _____ ___ of the soccer team in our school.


  My father likes ___________ and ____________ chess.


  Do you ______________ the person ___________ glasses?


  She is very good-looking with _______ ___ __________ ___________ hair.


  My niece is very talkative. She never____________ _____________.


  The baby ___________ cry ______ ______ ___________.



  名字: Maria 年龄 : 14籍贯: Australia 学校: Apple Tree School

  外貌: 大眼睛,黑长卷发

  ,中等身材,有点胖爱好: 喜欢穿红色衣服,喜欢读书,爱好流行歌曲,网上聊天(chat)



  一 单词(20分)

  1.medium 2. height 3. curly 4. favorite

  5. knows 6. with 7. w ears 8. thin 9.captain

  10. straight

  二.选择填空(15分)1-5 ABBCA 6-10 DACBA 11-15 DBCAD

  三.补全对话(15分) 1.like 2. has 3. wears 4.Does 5. has

  6. about 7. do 8. look 9. same 10. are 11. or 12. have 13. color 14. of 15. have

  四.句型转换(10分)1.What does look 2. doesn’t do 3. don’t likes 4. in h eight 5. looks like


  1.What look hair 2. wears glasses 3. little bit 4. medium build 5. knows look 6. the captain

  7. reading playing 8. know with 9. long curly blonde 10. stops talking 11. doesn’t any more


  I have a friend. Her name is Maria. She is 14 years old. She is from Australia. She is a student in Apple Tree School. She has big eyes and long curly blonde hair. She likes wearing a red dress. She likes reading and she likes pop songs. Her favorite singer is Jay Zhou. Her dream is to be a fa mous pop singer in the future. She a lso likes chatting on the net. We are best friends.